Husband made this loom for me so that I could make wider blankets. Preferred the Cindwood S Loom as it fit better in my lap
Great loom. Never used as husband bought me a Cindwood wood loom
This is a set from Hobby Lobby. I bought these when I was on vacation as I had left my wood looms at home and wanted to loom knit. Only one ever used was the blue one
Great knitting loom but have taken up crocheting and no longer need this loom
Set of 4 Knifty Knitter long looms for loom knitting. Used these a few months before I bought wood looms as well as started crocheting. These are in great shape
Great loom but have taken up crocheting so I no longer need it
This loom will knit thumbs for gloves or can be used with Sashie yarn to do scarves.
Husband bought this thinking I would like it to do scarves with chunky yarn. Never got into yarn that chunky
Husband bought these thinking I would like them but always preferred my round ones before taking up crocheting
Brand new Martha Stewart Loom. Adjustable and all pieces are there, just found I like fixed peg looms better. Works for weaving and loom knitting
All were washed, a couple were used, no holes or stains. 6pair are fruit of the loom. The purple ones are Hanes size 7 but, they compare to the 8's in same size.
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